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A lot can happen during transport. Tomatoes can damage, oranges may decay and rotten fruit can spoil good merchandise. At best, these problems require extra work. At worst, you will suffer financial losses.

Proper packaging materials can prevent many problems. But which packaging solution will serve you best? Which paper grade should you choose? Can you make do with standard sizes, or will you require tailored cutting or slitting? How about printing? And would you like to order sheets, rolls or bags?

All these questions need answers. Samsun can help out.

Samsuns fresh produce packaging solutions

Work faster while optimally protecting the produce

We have worked in the packaging industry since 1989. We deliver fresh produce packaging materials to growers and distributors, amongst others. Furthermore, we provide packaging solutions for the floriculture Floral packaging, industrial sectors and Food. With customers that diverse, it is safe to say that we know the fresh produce packaging industry inside and out.

For example, we offer paper liners for tomatoes and cucumbers, which can be used at the bottom, middle or top of a crate or box. These liners can be tailored for an exact fit, allowing for:

  • Higher efficiency during packing
  • Optimal protection during shipping and storing, and
  • Excellent shelf appearance

We also produce mango and orange sheets. These are processed to make them highly moist absorbent and fungicidal, thus contributing to a maximum shelf life.

Additionally, we produce paper fruit bags that both protect and conserve soft fruits, such as grapes.

Maatwerk: wij luisteren naar u

Alle producten leveren wij in diverse kwaliteiten, diktes, formaten. Daarnaast verzorgen wij maatwerk: we bedrukken tot 4 kleuren, leveren papier op rol, vel, of als zak en snijden op specifieke formaten. De lijntjes zijn kort, de reactietijd is snel.


We deliver all products in various grades, weights and sizes. On top of that, we can tailor our products to meet your exact wishes:

  • We print in up to 4 colours
  • We supply rolls, sheets and bags, and
  • We cut or slit materials in any size you wish

Always fast to respond, we will be able to meet your requirements.


Due to our massive supplies, we can manufacture and deliver fast. Even when your needs require a tailor-made solution. And also when you order big. We have flexo printers, slicers and winders at our disposal, so whatever your request, we can deliver.


Samsun BV. is FSC-certified, meaning we contribute to responsible management of forests around the world.

More information about our fresh produce packaging solutions

Would you like to learn more about the fresh produce packaging materials we offer? Then download our product list. Should you have other questions, feel free to contact us at any time.