Food packaging

Food packaging and product quality

Quality is of utmost importance in the food industry. Bakeries, for example, wish to use high quality, heat resistant baking paper. This will prevent damage from occurring to their products.

During transport, quality control is equally important. Meat cannot discolour, fish needs to be packed in greaseproof paper. Bags carrying crisps cannot sag and we need our croissants to remain crunchy.

High quality food packaging paper largely contributes to quality control. We know.

But there is more to food packaging that the choice of paper grade. Most of our customers have specific preferences regarding the look and feel, as well as the application of our materials. Some choose paper rolls, others opt for sheets or bags. Some can make do with standardised products while others are looking for tailor-made printing or cutting solutions. Whatever your wish, you will need it processed properly. And swiftly.

Here is where Samsun comes into play.

Why Samsun is a preferred partner of food packaging solutions

Samsun supplies packaging materials. Ever since 1989, we have delivered to distributors and wholesalers, amongst others. Furthermore, we supply the fresh produce, floriculture industries and offer industrial packages. We believe it is safe to say that we ‘build a paper world’.

Some randomly selected paper food packaging products we offer:

  • Ersatz
  • (Silicone) baking paper
  • Meat saver paper
  • White kraft paper
  • Glassine

We are known for our ability to produce bulk orders: we have a large production facility, located in Zwaag, the Netherlands. There, we keep our massive paper supplies. We have slitters, cutters and winders at our disposal and can print in up to 4 colours. This enables us to come up with creative and often innovative solutions.

We pride ourselves in being excellent listeners. We keep in close touch with our customers, and do our very best to help them out.

Finally, we are an innovative company, specialising in paper solutions. Most of our paper is sustainable, often recycled. Furthermore, Samsun BV. is FSC-certified. All we are saying is: we combine innovation and industry growth.

More information about our food packaging materials

For more information about our products, please view our product list.

Have you got a question or are you looking for a supplier that can deliver tailor-made solutions? Then feel free to contact us at any time. It is completely non-binding and we would love to help you along.